When I finished my last book, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, I promised myself I’d take six months off before I started a new novel. The publishing process is grueling. Because I still work a government job full-time, my opportunities to write are limited.  It usually takes me a year-and-a-half to bring a novel to fruition. Frankly, I get tired and I wanted to spend time enjoying life instead of occupying my lounge chair pounding away on my laptop. I actually wore out most of the keys and had to have the keyboard replaced! It’s only been four months and already my fingers are itching, and I know it’s  time to start my next book.typewriter pexels-photo-481672

I vacillated between two plots. I joined an online dating service some time ago and thought there was ample fodder for murder and mayhem dating strangers. Seattle had a horrific case just last year. A women went out on a date arranged on an online site and ended up in pieces in several dumpsters around the city.  It spooked me and upon reflection, I dis-enrolled from the dating site.

My stories have always included romance and murder, but dead bodies and the grind of police investigations dominated the story line. I thought it was time to inject more romance into my next novel. My new tale involves a powerful love between a priest and a parishioner. Nothing like forbidden love to spark a murder! I decided my new novel will be dubbed Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned.

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Just a note about my recently published novel, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die. My book recently won first place in the  East Texas Writer Guild’s book cover contest. Real congratulations go to the designer, Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art. If you’re a fellow author looking for a stunning book cover to grab attention, I whole-heartedly recommend Jay Aheer. Here’s how to find her. https://www.simplydefinedart.com/

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