Wow! I had to look back in the archives to find out how long it’s been since I wrote a blog post. Almost three months! That’s forever in the land of blogs. I once read that if you don’t communicate weekly, you’ll lose your audience and they won’t come back. I hope not. I raise my finger in protest and sputter, “But I had to get my grandson ready for the new school year! And then there was the house appraisal!” The prep work to spruce up my home for the appraisal was a heavy lift. I ended up painting most of my house’s interior and increasing my Home Depot credit card balance as high as the national debt.

14164808821_57c4f71f16_k                                                 Photo courtesy of Jonathan Rolande.

Whew! Now that it’s done and my leg muscles have recovered from running up and down a ladder, I’m ready for life to return to normal. Which means, talking with you, reading, and writing on my new book, Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned. 

Over the summer, I read a couple of great books and I thought I would feature my review of one of them.

The Girl From Berlin

Ellie Midwood managed to interject romance and gentle wit into a book written about Germany’s dark and terrible past under Adolph Hitler. The Girl from Berlin, Standbartenführer’s Wife details a love story between Annalise Meissner and Heinrich Friedman. She’s Jewish passing as a blonde, blue-eyed Aryan. He’s an SS intelligence officer in the Third Reich. Annalise is torn between her secret heritage and the tall handsome officer who makes her heart pound and her body tremble.  Annalise surrenders to passion and to the hope of someday reconciling her devotion to Heinrich and her Jewish background.

As their relationship deepens and they wed, the couple ultimately discovers secrets that unite them against a common enemy.

You know how you scream at a character in a horror movie. “DON’T DO IT!” I had a couple of those moments in The Girl From Berlin when I wanted to shake Annalise and scream at her, “Don’t ever do that again!” The once-ingénue becomes a savvy woman who takes heart-pounding risks that made me want to chew my acrylic nails.

I struggled with German words. For a while, I attempted to pronounce them and get a handle on the long, tongue-twisting words. Later, I let my eyes skip over them and stayed with the meat of the story.

Ellie Midwood introduces those of us who are non-Jewish to traditions of her faith and culture. She knows her history and weaves the saga of the rise of the Third Reich with a rich and passionate love story.

The Girl from Berlin, Standbartenführer’s Wife is a satisfying read and I give it two thumbs up and five gold stars.

As I find other books that I have deeply enjoyed, I will be happy to share my reviews with you. I also hope you will look over my books and find one that piques your interest.


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