There are many gifts of Christmas including a gracious, giving attitude by many people. Individuals dig deep into their pockets to buy toys for disadvantaged children. Others drop coins into the Salvation Army red kettle. Still others donate turkeys and canned goods to area food banks. Don’t you wish we could keep this warm, caring attitude for the whole year?

We also take special care to find just the perfect gift for our loved ones. If you have a book lover in your life and are looking for just the right book, I’d like to share the books I have authored with you. Hopefully, you’ll find one that sparks your interest.
KTG COVER 4Seattle homicide detectives, Nick Winston and Pat Strom, search out crime in the underbelly of the Emerald City. This time, a serial killer is murdering lesbians in the Northwest’s most gay-friendly city. Winston and Strom are called to the apartment of University of Washington student, Kylee Harris. The provocative young woman is slaughtered in her bed, and the killer leaves behind a grisly clue that shocks even the most cynical detectives.
6 White Roses Final HR 4-24 412It’s the call no cop wants to get: a dead child found on the shores of Seattle’s Lake Union. Homicide detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom race to the scene to find six-year-old Emily Chatburn dressed in her Sunday best posed perfectly like a porcelain doll. As Nick Winston zips up the body bag, he vows to avenge the death of the innocent child.


Radio MurdersSeattle homicide detectives, Nick Winston and Pat Strom are sent to investigate the kidnapping of radio announcer, Jasmine James. Some of her male listeners have been discovered dead with a single bullet in one of their ears while Jasmine’s Love Songs Radio Show plays in the background. The pressure is on to find Jasmine James before her air runs out.


The Chair Hi-Res (2)In a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, widower Paul Bixby develops a deep friendship with bank teller Linda Bauman—a friendship he hopes will evolve into something more.When Linda’s unusual fascination with highchairs comes to light, Paul builds an exquisite chair for her, crafting the chair with love. The Chair is a love story about two people in desperate need of hope and a second chance.


Black Phoenix Final Cover Dec 15What would happen if intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads rained terror down on America? June 6th started as a picture perfect day in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Lynette Frichette went to work at The Gazette. Her daughter caught the bus to Billy Mitchell High School, and her home contractor husband drove nails in the house he was building on Silent Rain Drive. From the Middle East, Ayatollah Amad al-Din Kajar unleashed a nuclear nightmare on the United States of America.                                            


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