The dictionary describes second wind as: a new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort. I’ve needed that for some time now and just couldn’t find the heart to carry on.

I’ve been writing seriously now for close to eleven years. In that time, I’ve completed five books. I pounded out those stories with a fevered pitch and crossed my fingers for success. It’s been a mixed bag. I’ve had years of decent sales and some that could be described as anemic. The last three years have been complicated by changes in publishers, a marketing campaign with a company that failed to deliver on promises made, and a year where my books were off the market as I transitioned between publishers. During that time, I sank thousands of dollars into marketing schemes that didn’t seem to affect the bottom line. Eventually, it took a toll on my drive to finish the next book. 

As I watched friends on Facebook and Twitter tout their latest trip to the Bahamas or Hawaii, I felt jealous. I was getting up early in the morning pecking out my stories while they were doing exciting things with their friends and families. Inside, I was shouting “Why am I doing this?”Hawaii logo

I started to avoid writing. I’d plan to work on my new book, but decided to clean my house instead. Or I’d mindlessly comb through hundreds of emails on my three accounts. Facebook and Twitter grabbed my attention too. My story languished while I continued to evade the obvious. I wasn’t bored with writing, but the cost was too high, both to my pocketbook and my ego.

Time marches forward and I am no longer a spring chicken. I decided to put my computer away and enjoy myself. I took my daughter on a whirlwind trip to Vegas and reveled in the sights of sin-city. While we did nothing that required that we “leave it in Vegas”, we did have fun. I attended a travel club presentation and signed on the dotted line. I made a decision to put more merriment in my life.


While I maintain my commitment to writing, I am returning to the task with fresh enthusiasm and look forward to making memories that I can use in my plots. I’ve got my second wind and the sky’s the limit! Next time, I may do something that has to “stay in Vegas.”


4 thoughts on “SECOND WIND

  1. Grace, you have accomplished so much in the past eleven years. Five books written! I know it’s often been challenging, but I hope you’ll take time to congratulate yourself on what you’ve achieved in spite of setbacks.

    It’s good to step back a little bit and take a break. When cleaning house sounds more appealing than writing, it’s definitely time for a change! Your Las Vegas trip sounds like it was a lot of fun and good for your mental health and happiness. I want to hear all about it and learn more about your travel club, too.

    I’m glad that you have a second wind and hope you can find balance between doing what you have to do and what you want to do. I’m looking forward to reading more of Nick Winston and Pat Strom’s adventures!



  2. Grace, I’m glad that you’re feeling better. Publishing is a crazy business particularly when we spend ages writing the ‘purrfect’ book and editing things, then someone comes out with a book on why to vote for democrats and its sales top the lists, even though the pages are blank….. In a situation like that, I don’t know if I want to laugh or scream.
    Hopefully 2018 will be an excellent year for you and your books.

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