One of the biggest highlights for an author is when she can write THE END at the bottom of the last page. Friday night, I did just that. It’s like having a baby only your friends don’t give you showers.

BookdesignBetiBup33_4554A charismatic and popular priest, Father Michael Dunne is brutally stabbed to death in the confessional. The Seattle Catholic Community is stunned and in mourning for a cleric who served not only the people in his parish but many in the Northwest’s burgeoning homeless and drug-addicted communities.

Seattle homicide detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom find Father Mike face down in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds to his body. Because the attack was so savage, the police surmise the killer knew the pastor, and that it was a crime of passion. What in his past could account for the highly personal nature of the crime? Was he murdered by a penitent afraid the priest would break the seal of the confessional? Or did an illicit love affair come back to haunt Michael Dunne?

Allegations of sexual abuse had been leveled against the popular priest years ago. Even though the Archdiocese of Portland cleared Father Mike of any wrongdoing, Dylan Krebbs is adamant that he was molested by Dunne. Did the young man exact his revenge?

Parishioner Kathleen Kennedy harbored a secret desire for Father Mike. Did he break one of the church’s most sacred vows and surrender to her adoration? Or did he reject her, and she killed him in a fit of rage over unrequited love.

Everyone loved Father Mike…with one grave exception.



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