Hello friends,

I owe you an apology. I committed the cardinal sin of being inconsistent with my blog. I promised monthly conversations, but that didn’t happen. I admit last year, I was floundering with the direction of my writing career.

Part of me had always wanted a publisher. There was something credible about having a publisher’s logo on the spine of my books. I’ve had two publishers, one was successful, the other, well not so much. A few years ago, California Times Publishing, an Internet publishing website, contacted me and requested to represent me.  I admit to being flattered. I had not sought their support; Jeff Napolitano of California Times Publishing had found me. It was like being invited to the prom. I said yes.

Jeff was an amazing publisher. Unlike some publishers who sit in Ivory Towers and you never hear from them, Jeff communicated frequently.  Supportive and committed to his authors’ success, he provided help wherever it was needed.  My books sold under Jeff’s guidance. I was shocked and dismayed two years later when his company went bankrupt. Ultimately, I signed with a different publishing company, but my experience there was much different, and after three years, I asked to be released from my contracts.

Good friends and fellow writers had been urging me to consider podcasting. It’s a natural they said. You were a broadcaster for many years. You have the voice. But what would I say? Like a lightning strike, it hit me. I’d wanted to marry my two big loves… radio and writing.

So…let me introduce you to my new adventure! Kelly Marshall Murder Mysteries.


Kelly Marshall Murder Mysteries is a serialized audiobook, similar to the old-time radio shows. Told through the voices of my favorite characters, Nick Winston and Pat Strom, the two detectives toil to find a serial killer dismembering beautiful women in the Seattle area. Listen for biweekly episodes of Deadly Match with Kelly Marshall and Larry Hinze.

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