Do You Read Anymore?

It’s a valid question. I’m a writer and I want people to read my books. Writing is hard. There are so many steps between an idea in my brain to holding the finished book in my hands. It’s a long, tedious, exacting process that can be exhausting and expensive.

But if I am to be completely honest with you, when I’m lying in bed at night, Kindle in my hands, I will peruse through the many books I have downloaded, and quite often, I will opt for a video instead. What? A writer choosing a video over a book! I feel like a traitor to my fans and fellow writers. When I analyze myself honestly, I chalk it up to laziness. When I’m tired and just want to be entertained, I choose a movie. My brain isn’t necessarily engaged. I am just passively watching the story unfold in front of me. When I read, I want to be totally engrossed, transforming the words I am reading into images in my head. It’s a different process where I am more present, more committed.

There is a certain amount of shame in my confession, but I don’t think I am alone in the process. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Movies. Roku TV, VUDU, tubi are all doing quite well. It used to be after a long hard day at work, after dinner, after the dishes were done, it was common for me to pull out a J.A. Jance mystery and read until bedtime. I’ve been a life-long reader, but not anymore. Instead, I’m mad for Starz and the latest Outlander episode. I frankly, can’t get enough of that Jamie. God bless author Diana Gabaldon for writing such an endearing character. I recently read her book, I Give You My Body (How I Write Sex Scenes.) I learned a lot from that book!

831746eeedd2cbe52e7fb9cd3a7a83c4 Jamie on a Horse

So how does an author change with the times? How do we write books that still engage and entice readers to join us between the covers? (Of our books, of course.) I’ll admit, several fellow writers nudged me into the direction I chose.  They reminded me, I had years of experience as a radio announcer and already had “the voice.”  I chose to produce a podcast instead of writing a traditional book.

I am loving the production of Deadly Match, the new book I am writing as a podcast. The procedure is more intense and involves writing dialogue, manuscript editing, recording, digital editing of the scene, uploading it to Dropbox to share with my fellow actor, Larry Hinze who reads as Detective Nick Winston. He records his part and mixes everything into an audio version of my book. Whew! A lot of new steps for me. I have been writing for twenty years and this process has invigorated me and my writing. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to listen to it, I hope that you will. I just finished uploading Episode Four, subtitled Little Man. Available here.


If you missed earlier episodes,  here’s the link to catch up with the story.

I hope you’ll join me biweekly beginning Sundays for each new episode.

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